The Sorry Coffee Co Uses Its Cups as Blank Canvases for Local Designers

The Sorry Coffee Co is eschewing boring, static logos in favor of an artist-created cafe logo that changes all the time.

The Sorry Coffee Co is clothing company Kit and Ace's in-store cafe, but the unique coffee shop is an experience unto itself. At its two locations in London and Toronto, the tastefully decorated cafe serves up beautiful drinks and delectable pastries in an avant-garde black and white space. Its name is a playful reference to the Canadian habit of apologizing for absolutely everything.

What's truly different about the Sorry Coffee Co is its unique branding. The Sorry cafe logo that appears on signage and cups is drawn by a local designer and before anyone has a chance to get bored of it, it changes. Every three months, the cafe logo is replaced by a brand new one. Sorry also provides pencils to customers, encouraging them to create art on their cups and come up with their own cafe logo designs.