Craft Tamale is a Mexican Restaurant with an Artisanal Feel

 - Jun 1, 2015
Craft Tamale is a Mexican restaurant that specializes in handmade and artisanal tamales. The San Diego eatery's brand identity blends past traditions with contemporary design ideals and is vibrant in its aesthetic. While the Mexican restaurant's business cards are accented with illustrated embroidery motifs, its flour bags are displayed in a vibrant hue and feature hand-stitched details.

The restaurant's staff uniforms, in-store signage and to-go coffee containers boast a consistent and colorful design while its take-away totes and chocolate bars feature white and blue graphics that are similar in aesthetic but more subtle in color scheme.

Craft Tamale's branding is evocative of tradition and is meant to make visitors think of a safe and homey place. Their product is synonymous with Mexican heritage and is something most will enjoy at their grandmother's home.