GRÜNER MICHEL's Vegetarian Restaurant Brand Identity Borrows from Art

 - Jul 22, 2015
ADDA Studio's latest restaurant brand identity project is created for vegetarian eatery GRÜNER MICHEL. The establishment's meat-free menu items are not its only claim to fame and are promoted with sketched business cards, food menus and interior decor accents that embody a charming air.

This restaurant brand identity is not only artful but is also memorable thanks to elements that attract the eye. While the eatery features a continuous use of sketched and hand-written accents -- seen on its promotional materials and even on its drink coasters -- they are displayed in varying tones of violet, beige and pale blue, straying from complete uniformity.

The eatery's overall feel blends new and old world elements and will appeal to millennial visitors with an appreciation for nostalgia.