A Dog Coffee Branding Scheme Communicates Companionship and Loyalty

 - Dec 30, 2015
References: antoniaskaraki & packagingoftheworld
The idea of dog coffee branding is a clever one, since who can resist the adorable face of a droopy puppy? For Coffee Lab, the Antonia Skaraki A.S. agency designed a brand identity surrounding lovable character Angus, whose blue face is stamped on every coffee cup, menu and bag of ground java. With one folded ear and tired eyes, this hound could use a warm hug.

Despite his sleepy expression, Angus remains a symbol of reliability and comfort, which is what you want in your daily brew––whether it's served at the local Coffee Lab cafe, or prepared within your own home. The suite of products ranges from global bean varieties to bottles of cold brew, but you can always count on the consistency of seeing one special doggy's face.