From Astrological Wine Labels to Mystical Pastry Shop Menus

 - Oct 9, 2015
These mystical marketing innovations range from astrological wine labels to pastry shop brand identities that reference secret societies and Illuminati imagery. Whether feeding into conspiracy theories or millennials' obsession with astrology, major and independent brands are appealing to audiences with marketing that embodies a mysterious and intriguing air.

In addition to standouts like horoscope handbag collections, other favorites include liquor bottles and labels that pay homage to Mexican Day of the Dead celebrations. In addition to boasting recognizable sugar skull imagery, these examples also embody the country's spirit and age-old traditions.

Furthermore, alchemy-themed coffee shops and pharmacies are using an old world charm to captivate modern audiences. While Rumeli70 Pharmacy's branding references ornate Turkish art and traditions, Almanegra cafe's promotional materials are an homage to ritualistic elements.

While the fashion industry's obsession with the occult has been prevalent for the past few years, food, beverage and health industries are now following suit and are intriguing consumers with their own mystical marketing strategies.