This Alchemy Coffee Co Branding is Ultramodern and Gothic

 - Mar 27, 2015
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This dark, ultramodern branding design for Alchemy Coffee Co was created in collaboration between Toronto-based graphic designer and letterer Ben Johnston and industrial designer Mark Simmons. The gothic branding features an all black aesthetic contrasted with only a handful of gold and white.

The mattified still-life shoot features an all-black selection of chic 3D printed coffee accessories, some spray painted fruit, macarons and croissants and a geometrical siphon coffee brewer. Each image features a tonal pop of color, like a few brown sugar cubes, broken pieces of dark chocolate, a mint leaf and a perfectly Alchemy-branded siphon brewer filter.

This gothic spread takes the ritualistic nature of gourmet coffee drinking to the next level and seeks to distance itself from the stereotypical twee-branding of indie coffee shops.