Astrology IRL's Zodiac Clothing Channels Each Sign Perfectly

 - Feb 18, 2014
References: astrologyirl & mysticmedusa
Astrology IRL’s line of zodiac clothing launched earlier this month, celebrating the "multi-dimensional consumers of 2014." The line of astrology-inspired shirts is the result of astrologer Morgan Rehbock teaming up with graphic designer Romina Cenisio.

The Astrology IRL collection features a total of 13 shirts, inspired by each of the signs of the zodiac, plus one more for good measure, mostly for those who like astrology, but aren’t devoted to just one sun sign.

Each of the shirts is totally different and embodies each sun sign’s traits in a unique way. Libra, for example is a sign all about balance and its shirt embraces a Yin-Yang symbol. The Sagittarius shirt is a play on the Survivor logo and Leo’s of course, is shiny and gold.