- Aug 18, 2015
Horoscopes and zodiac signs can rule a lot of peoples' lifestyle choices -- from who they date to their lottery ticket numbers -- and with a rise in zodiac-inspired fashion, the stars are now influencing the way that individuals dress. Many designers have created jewelry, footwear and watches based on Chinese New Year animals or monthly astrology signs.

Nike Air Force 1 models are re-released each year in celebration of Chinese New Year while Samii Ryan recently released a gilded collar necklace that is beautifully decorated with all the zodiac signs.

With millennials so interested in personal branding and self expression, astrological clothing is a perfect way to stand out. Whether the type to check your horoscope daily or someone who has a more broad understanding of astrology, zodiac-inspired attire can be worn by just about anyone.

From Gilded Zodiac Necklaces to Dainty Astrological Shoes: