- May 13, 2015
These IKEA branding innovations range from interactive furniture catalogs to bedside cinema experiences that let shop visitors experience the brand's bedroom product range. The Swedish furniture brand is known for offering modern furniture that is affordable thanks to its flat-packed design that requires self-assembly.

Despite of being one of IKEA consumers' woes, the idea of assembly ultimately saves money and has even been a topic in some of the furniture brand's most popular ads. Whether poking fun at assembly disasters, using virtual reality software to market their latest catalog or offering a vegetarian version of their famed meatballs, IKEA is always pushing marketing boundaries.

Some IKEA branding standouts from past years include the retailer's numerous art installations along with a heartwarming animal adoption campaign that featured rescue dogs in comfy room settings. Others range from virtual wedding ceremonies to a recent stunt that served customers breakfast in bed.

From Interactive Furniture Catalogs to Bedside Cinema Experiences: