IKEA's Furniture Ad Spellbinds a Real Couple with Hypnosis

 - Aug 21, 2014
References: youtube
Although a lot of people are interested in the idea of time travel, this IKEA furniture ad shows that you have to be careful what you wish for. The 'Time Travel Experiment' features a couple shopping at IKEA who were willing to undergo hypnosis.

The stunt involved working with world-famous hypnotist Justin Tranz, and taking a couple through scenes from their potential futures. The trip into the future starts with a birthday celebration for the couple's daughter, fast forward to the daughter planning to take a trip with her yoga instructor, who moves in later down the road. Although these may not be the most picture-perfect scenarios to look forward to in the future, they're pretty fun to watch. The experiment coincides with the launch of this year's IKEA catalog, which is centered around a 'Where the Everyday Begins & Ends' theme.