These Instagram Advertising Stunts Make the Most of Social

 - Sep 5, 2015
While there are plenty of engaging Instagram advertising campaigns that engage fans in novel ways, these examples of social media marketing use the photo-sharing app as a way to have fans dive deep into a brand or product's story. Some of the best example of this include dedicating an account to hosting an entire choose-your-own-adventure, as seen in Ted Baker's 'TedsElfie' story and MINI's virtual 'INSTADRIVE.'

Since gaming and storytelling also go hand-in-hand, adidas used this to its advantage for its gamified #PredatorInstinct campaign. Similarly, The Call of Duty 'Power Unlocked' Advanced Warfare campaign featured an Instagram mission that had fans engage in a video game-inspired adventure.

As a reward for connecting with favorite brands on social media platforms, Instagram advertising campaigns like these ensure that fans are kept entertained and engaged.