From Dating App Album Promotions to Animal-Saving Emojis

 - May 25, 2015
Given the limited reach of traditional advertising methods, social marketing campaigns driven by online engagement between brands and consumers is the new best strategy.

As different social media networks work their way into our daily routines, brands have a unique opportunity to leverage regular online activity to include awareness around products. Since consumers are more and more likely to be spending their downtime online, brands and marketers have a chance to create meaningful interactions in the digital sphere.

Examples of covert social marketing campaigns include the recent use of Tinder to promote an album, as in the case of EDM producer Zedd. By committing to an organic Tinder campaign, Zedd is able to shortcut to an audience that is largely made up of his target demographic. Since users are already swiping left and right at ease, the producer can bank on engaging consumers in a memorable and exclusive way.