Jagermeister's Undercover Games Used Snapchat to Reveal a Secret Party

 - Apr 20, 2015
References: undercovergames.cz & adsoftheworld
Inspired by a time when word of mouth was the only way people knew to attend an upcoming party, Jägermeister set up the Undercover Games on Snapchat. This marketing stunt targeted a young, hip audience that's also tech-savvy, with broad enough appeal for anyone who knew where to look.

Slowly, the brand would unveil clues for the theme, date and location of the party on Snapchat. Since the photos on Snapchat are designed to disappear after a certain period of time, participants had to be quick-thinking to connect the hints. As a result, Jägermeister threw a massive party that engaged thousands of social media users to get tickets. Because the event was so exclusive, it was successful at making its smart young attendees feel like total VIPs for the night.