From Punny Furniture Ads to Family Bonding Food Commercials

 - Feb 11, 2016
These memorable IKEA commercials range from punny furniture ads to familial food commercials that encourage shoppers to visit the home retailer's famed restaurant. For decades, IKEA has offered stylish home furniture and accessories at a low price. Known for its flat-packed packaging and modern aesthetic, the Swedish retailer does not only embrace innovative product design but also creatively market's its furniture, appliances and even its food range.

Some of the most memorable IKEA commercials in recent months include festive ads that celebrate popular holidays. While the retailer's most recent Christmas campaign promotes its line of holiday decor, its cinematic Halloween commercial is a humorous tribute to Stanley Kubrick's classic 'The Shining.'

Furthermore, commercials like an animal rescue campaign pair homeless pets with furnished room settings to encourage viewers to give animals a loving home. Appealing to both familial and Millennial sensibilities, IKEA reaches a younger demographic by promoting budget-friendly pricing and convenience. Similarly, the retailer targets Gen X and Boomer demographics with campaigns that focus on sentiment and nostalgia.