The IKEA Social Catalogue Campaign Had Its Fans Digitize Pages

The ‘IKEA Social Catalogue’ campaign bridges the gap between its print and digital content. IKEA has been incredibly successful at creating catalogs that its customers are excited about getting in the mail. They are an important part of how the brand shares its new offerings with consumers, however, there’s a ton of photography, styling and assembly that goes into the production of these catalogs. To increase their reach and engage fans, IKEA asked its 130,000 followers on social media to take a picture of their favorite piece of furniture and share it online for a chance to win it.

Over the course of four weeks, thousands of pages from the IKEA catalog had been photographed and appropriately hashtagged, which is a brilliant way to bring it to the online world. This campaign is so simple and it versatile too, since the same premise could be used by any other company with a catalog of its own.