This Burger Branding Project Explores the Consumable Quality of Logos

 - Feb 27, 2015
References: kissmiklos & packagingoftheworld
Looking at this wonderfully colorful burger branding strategy, I immediately thought of those logo-patterned Luis Vuitton purses. Between the sandwich boxes, the meal gift bags, the paper placemats and the menus, designer Kiss Miklos covered a bright white base with vibrant illustrations and the insignia of Burger&Love. The result simply pops.

It was pop art and popular culture and food that influenced the aesthetic choices behind this graphic commission. Icons of hearts, grill flippers, Coca-Cola cans, soda pops with straws and big fluffy hamburgers are speckled all over everything to really bring together the burger branding with the products themselves. For an extra layer of visual intrigue, Miklos printed a photograph of lettuce leaves on the inner surface of the sandwich carton to give the impression that it's sitting within a bed of greens.