From App-Driven Music Promotions to Emoji Tattoo Parlors

 - Apr 25, 2015
The top April 2015 pop culture trends harness the power of viral content, elevating it from a flash-in-the-pan fad to something with a little more substance.

Emojis, for instance, are a great example of something that has grown to be bigger than itself. No longer a mere form of playful exchange, emojis are a greater symbol for Internet culture, millennial lifestyle and Gen Z communication. The emoji has been appropriated and proliferated in a number of products and services that younger, social media-savvy consumers are quick to wear and indulge in. Another example of a product or service that has exploded past its initial lifespan is Tinder, a hook-up and dating app that has facilitated a brand-new perspective on the way we view romantic relationships in the modern, digital age.

Ultimately, the top April 2015 pop culture trends are about creating an ardent and passionate culture around something that, at first, might look little more than a fad.