Translated Spanish Phrases Make Nonsensical and Loveable Products

 - Mar 3, 2015
References: superbritanico
When you pause to analyze them, many translated Spanish phrases make absolutely no sense in the English language. The founders of Superbritanico launched into many laughs over the ridiculous and non-literal expressions of their native tongues, realizing that such cultural conversions would certainly make for some pretty comical products.

Based in Seville, Spain, the company makes mugs, buttons, fridge magnets, notebooks, coasters, posters, smartphone cases and more––each with cute cartoony illustrations that are coupled with translated Spanish phrases. Appropriately decorated caricatures of British royal guards are paired with amusing statements like "I love you an egg," and "it matters three cucumbers to me." The English speaker will certainly chuckle over these metaphorical lines, even though they are spoken casually in conversations in Español.