This Infographic Helps You Make Choices About Pooping in Public

 - Mar 6, 2015
References: thebolditalic & designtaxi
If you experience anxiety of pooping in public, this infographic will give you some satisfaction. From the Bold Italic, 'Should You Poop There? A Flowchart' consists of hilarious charts that address the issue of crapping away from home. From Molly Sanchez and Kengo Olsen, the guide covers a number of scenarios: the office, a music festival, your significant other's house and outdoors.

When pooping in public, there are many things to consider. A stall versus a private room makes the choice an easy one. When it comes to going at work, the flowchart also hilariously assumes your boss is in the stall next to you. And while the bathroom is obviously the ideal place to do a poo, when nature calls and it's a "crap-your-pants threat-level-midnight kind of situation," things get considerably more complicated (and embarrassing).