From Christmas Kissing Drones to Bottomless Pasta Passes

 - Jul 17, 2015
These restaurant marketing strategies show different ways casual dining establishments are promoting themselves, whether through interactive initiatives, promotional packaging or other advertising avenues.

Mobile apps for the smartphone are an easy way to reach consumers, especially brand loyalists. Honoring frequent guests can be as simple as an incentives program or launching a line-skipping service like Chili's.

In addition to popular channels such as creative packaging design or entertaining commercials, interactive restaurant marketing strategies are another way to engage audiences. This includes contests, from digital burger giveaway campaigns to fantasy football contests. While one is more broad, the other appeals to a more segmented or niche area within the customer base companies are trying to reach and retain.

Rebranding efforts are a way to make old things new, bringing in new people while also keeping things fresh for others.