These Sushi Restaurant Rewards Boxes Thank Regulars for Their Business

Loyalty points and vouchers are the common sorts of restaurant rewards from which some regular patrons can benefit, yet few places offer anything as luxurious as this luxury Sushi bar does. Designed for an upscale establishment in Tokyo, Japan, these gift boxes are distributed amongst the most devoted diners.

Charlie Isslander of Prague crafted high-quality rectangular boxes from card material with chalkboard-like surfaces. On each one are the numbers 01, 02 or 03, printed as designations about the level of the recipient's loyalty to the fancy eatery. To supplement the numerical system, the designer added foil-pressed details, covering half of each carton with either gold, silver or bronze. And inside the most deluxe box, one can find $1,000 bottle of red wine and more. Overall, this is a fabulous strategy for a company to express loyalty towards is consumers too.