The TEMARI Sushi Boutique in Warsaw is Sleek and Minimalist

 - Jan 14, 2016
This design-focused example of sushi branding uses only white, black and gold to create an elegant quick service dining experience. A bright white space characterized by its ornate ceiling and light wood furniture, the curbside eatery uses imagery associated with the Japanese symbol of perfection in its logo and across its interior space.

TEMARI Sushi Boutique is a new quick service located in Warsaw, Poland that takes its namesake from the aforementioned symbol of perfection. Phonetically, the "te" in TEMARI means hand, while "mari" means ball, which is the symbol of happiness.

In order to create the dynamic sushi branding experience, TEMARI tapped the team at LANGE & LANGE, who designed the interior of the sushi boutique as well as business cards, menus, the logo, employee uniforms and the range of takeout packaging.