The Food52 Texas Breakfast Beer Bread Mixes Flour and Alcohol

 - Dec 19, 2014
References: food52 & food52
The Food52 Texas Breakfast Beer Bread puts a spin on typical morning time cuisine. As the dish contains cheese and jalapenos, the author found that it wasn't a far cry from dishes that are typically served at the brunch table.

Present in the Texas Breakfast Beer Bread are bacon strips, maple syrup, flour and unsalted butter. Together these ingredients give way to salty, sweet, creamy and spicy flavors, all of which are highly appreciated before 12 p.m.

Only one bottle of beer is needed to create the boozy taste that sets this loaf apart from the rest. The post recommends using Ambita Amber which has a softer taste, however this can be substituted for other fizzy beverages.