Karafuneya Coffee's Ice Cream Desserts are Garnished with Seafood Bites

 - Nov 3, 2014
References: karafuneya.jp & en.rocketnews24
While a traditional ice cream treat may feature fruit and sprinkle toppings, Karafuneya Coffee's indulgent fried shrimp parfait is garnished with ingredients that are a tad more unexpected.

The Kyoto-based cafe is known for serving up prawn and shrimp adorned ice cream treats and is a favorite among foodies who are not afraid to indulge in some unexpected flavor pairings.

Karafuneya Coffee's fried shrimp parfait is just as indulgent as it sounds, featuring vanilla and fruit ice cream that has been garnished with colorful sprinkles and a pair of deep fried prawns. The fried seafood snacks are prepared in oil and are garnished with a tangy sauce that surprisingly complements its sweet and icy base. While daring in its concept, this unconventional dessert is a recipe worth trying.