From Chorizo Caviar Pizzas to Tortilla-Crusted Salmon Burgers

 - Jul 14, 2015
These unconventional seafood dishes replace the custom fishy meals with vibrant dishes featuring bold colors and flavors. While a nice plate of lobster is always delicious, these delectable dishes feature lobster burgers and caviar-topped pizzas.

Salmon is a savory fish that can be served atop a bed of buttery vegetables or white rice, however, a salmon sushi slider is a quick bite that makes a gourmet meal perfect for on-the-go consumption. Shrimp and scallop fans will rejoice at the wide range of crustacean meals within this category of unconventional seafood dishes.

Scallop tacos feature an odd hue offered by tangy salsa verdé while Jamaican shrimp tacos offer the best of Jamaican and Mexican cuisine.