The Suffolk Kitchen Knish Hoax

 - Apr 21, 2008
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It's called Knish and if you want one, you have to place your order 48 hours in advance. You also have to pay $12,000 - IN CASH! So what is a Knish? It is "Osetra, Sevruga and Beluga caviars, white alba truffles, 24k edible gold leaf, lobster, Kobe tartar, a Kobe burger, a Kobe hot dog, an ostrich egg, two kinds of foie gras - duck and goose, and a moose snout and drizzled with 100 yr old balsamic vinegar and doused with with Louis XIII Cognac and flambéed." Kind of like the day before you decide you have to go to the grocery - when you wrangle up everything you can find in your fridge and pantry and then, concoct something that is edible but, just barely.

The catch: it's fake... Having said that, it's not too far off several of the other thousand dollar drinks and dishes we've seen at Trend Hunter.