- Aug 24, 2011
With the Summer and grilling season approaching its end, what better way to pay tribute to the warm days and delicious barbequed delicacies than with a collection of Heart-Stopping Hamburger innovations? This collection of everything and anything burger-related showcases some fascinating hamburger creations. Fast-food enthusiasts will find themselves drooling over the edible and non-edible items in this series.

Whether you're looking to indulge in some Luxury Junk Food or decorate your house with one of the Giant Metal Hamburgers, this accumulation of Heart-Stopping Hamburger innovations has something for everyone. My personal favorites include the Tasty Take-Out Confections and the State-Branded Burgers.

Implications - Businesses that are able to transform an iconic cultural aspect into a multitude of everyday products will appeal to a very wide audience. Consumers will likely invest in those products that are reflective of a shared passion amongst themselves, friends, family members and peers.

From Burger Art Exhibits to Sculpural Burger Sanadals: