The Shift Racing Agent Double Bypass Helmet Isn't for Vegans

The Shift Racing Agent Double Bypass Helmet is a cranium cover that vegans and vegetarians should probably avoid. The polycarbonate helmet is emblazoned with a giant cheeseburger dripping with mayo and ketchup. The top of the rider's head becomes the bun, adding a cheeky yet creative twist to classic motorcyclist protection.

As far as comfort goes, the Double Bypass Helmet boasts removable cheek pads, several air vent channels, a moisture-wicking comfort liner and an EPS inner shell. It exceeds the safety standards put forth by the Department of Transportation and Snell, a nonprofit organization that researches and tests helmet safety.

While the burger-covered Double Bypass Helmet won't add a calorie to your daily intake, it may inspire you to head to the local burger joint on your next pit stop.