From Sleek Superhero Belt Buckles to Spicy Superhero Soups

 - May 20, 2013
The recent release of Iron Man 3 has motivated many manufacturers and product suppliers to create Iron Man products. This is a smart and savvy business decision as loyal fans of Tony Stark, the brilliant engineer-by-day and crime-fighter-by-night, will want to buy anything his superhero name is attached to. If it says Iron Man or Tony Stark, it will soon be flying off the shelves -- if it even makes it that far.

Merchandise does not just include clothes and posters anymore -- it is much more than that. There are Iron Man-themed soups for those hungry to fight crime, purses to protect your valuables and household appliances that will make sure your shirts look photoshoot-ready. Society has an ever-growing obsession with superheroes and anything that references them, and these Iron Man items are just evidence that further proves this point.