This Shot for Shot Remake of the Iron Man 3 Trailer Only Cost Imagination

 - Mar 6, 2013
References: youtube & mashable
With all the buzz going on about the recently released Iron Man 3 preview, it was only a matter of time until the fan trailers started pouring in too.

Perhaps the most impressive of these fan trailers is the one put together by CineFix, which redoes the new Iron Man 3 trailer shot for shot, minus the $200 million budget of the actual Hollywood production. You won’t see any glitzy special effects, Robert Downey Jr.‘s face or mind blowing action sequences in the CineFix version of the trailer; but you will see very clever editing, some hilarious cardboard prop replicas and a whole lot of film making imagination instead.

Not only did they make an unconvincing but super fun replica of the Iron Man 3 trailer, but CineFix even put together a YouTube clip of shot comparisons between the two versions. It’s closer than you might think!