These Iron Man Cufflinks are Comic Book-Inspired

 - May 31, 2012
References: amazon & kastormag
These Iron Man Cufflinks are a superhero-worthy addition to your sleek business suit or comfortably casual weekend wear. If you are a fan of the great Tony Stark, or any of the Iron Man installments, you'll appreciate these creatively accented mancessories.

These action-packed accessories may not help you fight crime or become a philandering millionaire playboy, but they'll keep your outfits crisp, clean and stylish while still maintaining rather boyish charm. This product is just one of many Avengers-inspired products that coincide with the release of the summer hit.

Iron Man cufflinks are made from gold-plated copper, eyes that appear to be glowing a vivid blue and are finished in the superhero's signature red shade. These cufflinks are now up for grabs on Amazon for $30. You can purchase them now and wear them just in time for the release of Iron Man 3.

Cufflinks are also available in Captain America, Batman and Thor designs.

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