Matt Cowan Renders a Series of Bizarre Comic Character Insects

 - Apr 18, 2012
References: mattcantdraw.deviantart & blog.thaeger
Matt Cowan, also known as Mattcantdraw to deviantART users, is an illustrator who doesn’t shy away from using pop culture references in a creative way. In his latest offerings, he renders a series of superhero-inspired bugs, colored similarly to the tight and flashy costumes familiar with the general public. Giving his work an academic twist, Cowan even gives each insect a scientific name. The level of geekiness in this collection is simply off the charts.

What’s also remarkable about Matt Cowan’s work is that each beetle-like creature appears to be anatomically correct, with pincers, thorax and all. One has to wonder whether Cowan was initially inspired by bugs or superheroes when approaching this project.

Among the comic characters featured in this Matt Cowan series are Superman, Spider-Man, Batman, Captain America, Thor, Wolverine and Iron Man.