The Iron Man MK IX Armor Lights up Chests Like the Comic Hero

 - Jul 22, 2011
References: thinkgeek & fashionablygeek
What separates Tony Stark from most normal human beings is the fact that he has an Arc Reactor sticking out the middle of his chest -- also the fact that he's filthy stinking rich and that he's Iron Man, but I digress -- and now you can do the same with this Iron Man MK IX Armor t-shirt.

The Iron Man MK IX Armor is a men's t-shirt that includes light-up LEDs emulating the glow and pattern of Iron Man's power source. It operates on three AAA batteries and will have your friends wondering about what you secretly do in your spare time (to which you'll respond,"Saving the world!" of course).

Implications - Consumers enjoy licensed products featuring pop culture references as they feel it allows them to express their fan appreciation for a particular franchise. Corporations can capitalize off this consumer desire to show dedication by hosting events where consumers can congregate and demonstrate their appreciation with other like-minded individuals.