- Jul 19, 2013
Getting ready for Comic-Con 2013 in San Diego has been made significantly easier with advances in technology. Comic-themed gadgets such as arc reactor flash drives and Spiderman web blasters can augment any dedicated cosplayer's outfit. This list is composed of superhero-inspired devices that can augment your Comic-Con experience or help you get in the mood for some crime-fighting fun.

Augmenting everyday items with comic book themes is a popular occurrence but adding a vigilante twist to gadgets can result in some surprisingly awesome products. Cheap gadgets such as flash drives have been customized in numerous ways to reflect our obsession with cloaked crusaders. Products such as superhero helmet USBs and superhero gauntlet USBs allow comic fanatics to bring their favorite characters with them.

Authentic Superhero Armor and More for Comic-Con 2013: