ThinkGeek's Ironman Tee-Shirt Will Light Up Your Hero Status

 - Mar 31, 2013
References: thinkgeek
If you've ever wanted to be Tony Stark, this Ironman tee-shirt is your chance. Okay, so the tee-shirt doesn't come with charisma, bravery, suave, billions of dollars and MENSA-like intelligence among others, but your chest will light up.

The shirt mimic's Ironman's ARC Reactor as it is able to light up using LEDs. What's great about this concept is that other than the glowing chest piece, the Ironman tee-shirt is quite plan. This produces the effect that, like Tony Stark, you have an ARC Reactor in your chest that glows through your citizen clothing.

The shirt is probably one of the most badass articles of clothing a geek could rock. He may never gain the greatness that Tony Stark did, but at least he can look somewhat like him.