From Cardboard Cosplayers to Superhero Sweatshirts

 - Jul 20, 2013
Making your own DIY Comic-Con costume is time-consuming and can take months, depending on how elaborate the look you're going for is. If you're hard-pressed for last-minute ideas, these DIYs are great ways to still show up in style. Even if you're not great at making your own projects, paper crafts just require a bit of cutting, folding and gluing to create elaborate masks and even sidekicks from beloved comic book series.

Basic garments and accessories like hoodies, tights and shoes make the perfect canvases to add emblems and other super sci-fi and comic book-inspired elements to. If anyone knows the importance of a good accessory, it is a superhero. A mask or a pair of glasses can give you a completely new identity -- just ask Clark Kent.