The Power Ranger Hoodies Let Your Harness the Power of the Dinosaur

It's time to represent the glory of the 90s by throwing on one of the many Power Ranger hoodies. All the Rita Repulsas of the world will hide in fear when they see your fashionable diamond-chested sweatshirts.

Throw on one of these hoodies and instantly one will have the ability to transform into a giant dinosaur with you friends. If you really want to be a super 90s kid, get the red Power Ranger hoodie which is the only one that is shiny like an actual powersuit.The hoodies are were designed by Shoebasket and are available for $110. That's a pretty low price considering that it gives you super teenage powers.

So stop being the Lord Zedd of fashion and put your hands on your hips with one of these Power Ranger hoodies.