From Live-Action Disney Posters to Lingerie-Clad Celeb Editorials

 - Sep 11, 2014
These Katy Perry finds shows that she is much more than a catty girl, which is what the media is focusing on this week after a sub-text 'Mean Girls' tweet was alleged posted in regards to Taylor Swifts' interview in The Rolling Stones. Full of fun, feminine energy that people around the world have gravitated towards, these Katy Perry finds demonstrate that through her exaggerated personas she has become a champion of boundary-pushing that speaks to youth in particular.

From her crazy fashion choices to her teeny pop music and even a few PSAs that are thrown into the mix, these Katy Perry finds help keep people's views in perspective. Granted, when compared to someone as different as Taylor Swift, it is easy to see how a feud was (supposedly) formed.