Paul Robertson Gives the World Pixelated Katy Perry

 - Jun 28, 2011
References: probertson.tumblr &
If you've ever wondered what celebrities would look like if they were characters in a Super Nintendo video game, then you're in luck because Paul Robertson is slowly answering your queries with his fantastic 8-bit illustrations.

Seen in this gallery is Paul Robertson's take on Katy Perry if she was made up of pixels. The costumes seen in the illustration are from her California Gurls video.

However, Robertson is not satisfied only making celebrities 8-bit. Check out his fantastic Pokemon illustrations that capture the look of your favorite elemental creatures even better than most Nintendo games do.

Implications - With computer graphics advancing to pseudo-realistic extremes, consumers are finding comfort in the 8-bit aesthetics of yesteryears as it's a highly familiar visual aesthetic. Corporations looking to evoke a sense of ease from consumers can utilize 8-bit imagery in their marketing campaigns.