From Mushroom Muffin Pans to Retro Arcade Dishware

 - Jul 25, 2013
Outfitting your kitchen decor with items that reflect your personal taste can make the cooking experience much more enjoyable, and these geeky gamer kitchenware items are perfectly suited for any video game enthusiast looking to pay tribute to some of the most iconic characters around.

While cooking is often regarded as a female-centric activity, modern day males are becoming much more comfortable and enthusiastic about spending time in the kitchen. And these geeky gamer kitchenware items are the perfect way for boys or men to add some nerdy touches to the cooking process.

From cupcake molds that resemble cute mushroom characters to cutting boards that pays tribute to the Super Mario Bros., these video gamer kitchenware items will certainly add a nerdy touch to your otherwise average cooking utensils.