The BLND Mixer is Inspired by the Nintendo Wiimote

Gaming and cooking become one-in-the-same in Rafael Mayani's BLND Mixer. Mayani's BLND Mixer is a conceptual handheld mixer inspired by the Nintendo Wii's controller. The mixer consists of three pieces that can mix liquids, solids with liquids and cut and mix solid food.

The majority of automatic mixers are designed in the shape of a power drill. This isn't bad, but the youth of today's world are probably more familiar with a Wii controller than they are with power tools (for better or worse). The BLND Mixer has two attachments and one mixing chamber. The gadget is held overhand and bears a strong resemblance to the Wiimote. Fixing something that isn't broken is a cardinal sin. An exception should be made for the BLND Mixer as it is an awesome update of an existing product rather than a complete rebuild.