- Jun 25, 2013
Elegant, sleek and fancy are some words you'd associate with these kitchen finds, which are perfect for the dapper man. From sleek, manly shaped teapots to classy wine cooler platters, these swanky kitchen finds compliment the chef.

The more obviously dapper kitchen accessories include the tie-printed napkin bib and mustache cookie cutters.

Sleek and shiny stainless steel also screams swanky. From chromed knife sets to toasters, these minimalist designs look as neat and trim as any dapper man would dress. The Presovar coffee pod by Czech designer Martin Necas is worth noting. The simply orb-like kitchen tool is super fancy and would add a touch of dapper style to any kitchen.

From Tie-Printed Napkin Bibs to Super-Sleek Kitchen Appliances: