Onus Knife Blocks Hold Sophisticated Cutters for Making Gourmet Meals

 - Jun 20, 2011
References: industrialdesignserved
The creators of Onus knife blocks assert that these sophisticated culinary sets are are "evening suit for knives." The kitchen can be considered a cluttered space where work happens, or a casual space for entertaining, but in an effort to improve the quality of the latter, these pieces bring a dignified air to your cooking area.

Unlike many blade holders on the market, these slick black and white ones point upwards, and not out on angles. Albeit slightly less convenient to access in a hurry, the form that they create has an elegance that promotes more pride in your culinary instruments.

Broadening blade handles match the futuristic narrowing forms of the lengthy receptacles themselves; however, the Onus knife blocks subtly reveal sumptuous wooden cores.