The HJC Design Toaster for Peel UK is Sleek and User-Friendly

 - Mar 27, 2012
References: hjcdesign
The new HJC Design toaster, created for Peel UK, is ultra streamlined. The toaster is the third product in the Peel kitchenware range.

The kitchen appliance is both pleasing to look at and effective in its use. Its features include adjustable heat settings and a crumb tray -- both of which are expected in a toaster. However, it also has larger than normal slots to accommodate various sizes of bread and an automatic shut-off for safety. The HJC Design toaster also lights up with blue LED lights to indicate that the bread is crisping.

HJC Design is a manufacturing and product design company based out of Yorkshire in the UK. The company focuses on holistic and user-friendly design elements and the toaster they have designed for Peel UK is an example of how kitchen appliances do not have to be ugly and cumbersome.