Utensils by Wen-Yo Lu Have a Clean Design for Less Countertop Mess

 - Jan 18, 2013
References: coroflot
It's actually quite surprising that there aren't more solutions like these Utensils by Wen-Yo Lu to the inconvenience of soiling your food preparation surface while cooking. For the periodic stirring of any given recipe, where are you supposed to place that sauce-covered spatula?

This range of sleek metal culinary implements includes a ladle, a flipper and a spaghetti spoon, each taking an elegant sculptural form with a scrumptious asymmetry. Between the head and the smooth red handle, what the designer has done is to balance the weight of each item on either side of an integrated notch.

The U-shaped slot in the in the neck of the tools is lined with grippy silicone. With this, these Utensils by Wen-Yo Lu can be effectively hooked over the edges of pots and pans, keeping them accessible and off of the bench top.