- Oct 12, 2013
While incorporating a more sustainable approach to your daily lifestyle can be a challenging task, these eco-friendly cutlery examples are showcasing that helping out the environment doesn't have to be something difficult or costly.

Even though the most sought-after eating utensils are ordinarily of the stainless steel variety, opting to go the environmental approach to utilize products that are sustainable and eco-friendly is a much more socially conscious way to live one's life. By incorporating such aspects as biodegradable techniques, disposable materials and even edible products, these eco-friendly cutlery examples are sure to make eating a meal a much more enlightening experience.

From wonderfully flavorful edible spoons to arboreal eating utensils, these eco-friendly cutlery designs are offering some inventive ways to help give back to the environment.

From Twiggy Eating Utensils to Disposable Cutlery: