Amazing 'Soil Cutlery' by Vladimir Rachev

 - Jan 15, 2010   Updated: Jun 20 2011
References: & colorbynumbers
Bulgiarian-born Vladimir Rachev, a 27-year-old product designer has created a set of eating utensils he calls, 'Soil Cutlery.' The tableware is modeled after gardening implements to remind diners that food doesn't come out of boxes or from grocery retailers, but from cultivation.

According to the UK-educated Rachev, “Food is more and more produced in artificial environments. In future we might need a reminder of the cultivation origins.”

Implications - In a world where creativity and personal expressions can take on a variety of forms, artistically charged twists on everyday products are a rising commodity. To attract consumer interest, items should be both practical and reflective of personal style. Where consumers once had to choose between these two forces, the gap between functionality and art is virtually insignificant as designers continue to release interesting twists on conventional items.