- Mar 20, 2014
From light fixtures made out of pickles to stylish chandeliers that look like exploding glass, these home decor pieces will spice up the living room and have guests doing a double take.

One design by Sam Bompas and Harry Parr features numerous gherkins on a chandelier, and as the electricity runs through them they emit a yellowish color. This is due to the salt inside the food, which turns them into a practical way to light up a room. Who knew pickles could be used for more than just eating?

Other stylish chandeliers include ones that look like an octopus, complete with tentacled legs and all. When it comes to eccentric ways to light up a room, this list will give the adventurous type a few ideas - but be warned that guests could be shocked by some of your choices!

From Deadly Fruit Light Fixtures to Futuristic Stylish Chandeliers: