LIGHTzeit by Markus Kayser Channels the Effects of the Sun

 - Jun 18, 2012
References: markuskayser & fastcodesign
Every city has its own unique allure, from its culture to its natural beauty; LIGHTzeit by Markus Kayser harnesses the latter to become a breathtaking chandelier fixture that ultimately mimics the effects of the sun around the world. From a sunset in London to an afternoon in Tel Aviv, it brings a piece of each section of the world to a particular space.

LIGHTzeit by Markus Kayser was commissioned by W Hotels as part of their Designer of the Future Award. Mounted on a rotating fixture, the fluorescent tube may look unassuming, but as it slowly rotates, the tone and brightness of the light change to mimic the natural conditions outside. According to Fast Co Design, "The tube will have made a full 360-degree revolution by the time the day is over."