Eclectic Restaurant is a New Eatery by Fabienne and Philippe Amazalak

Entrepreneurs Fabienne and Philippe Amazalak have just opened up the Eclectic Restaurant, which is essentially a lavish hexagon-filled eatery. This restaurant's walls are covered in a honeycomb pattern, and its booths are separated by hexagonal-shaped ledges. The bright chandeliers hanging from the ceiling give off a warm honey-like glow, which creates an inviting, luxurious ambiance throughout the restaurant.

Talented UK designer Tom Dixon is behind the extravagant interior of this restaurant. This stunning establishment is full of intriguing light fixtures and modern furniture. Paris foodies are sure to be drawn in by the luxurious and welcoming atmosphere that the Eclectic Restaurant provides.

The inspiration behind this glamorous eatery was to perfectly blend eccentric British decor with elegant Parisian elements. This ritzy restaurant offers its customers a memorable modern dining experience. Photo Credits: designboom,